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Friday, October 7, 2011

Tetrad Volume and Particle Rendering in X2
Bill La Barge, Jerry Tessendorf, and Vijoy Gaddipati
August, 2003
Siggraph Sketch
In the movie X2 XMen United, Cerebro is a large spherical cavity that extends mutant mental capabilities. To depict its large, cavernous, dynamic nature, and the connnection between the machine and the characters, the atmospheric element of the scene was built based on a fully 3D volumetric rendering technology developed at Cinesite. In addition, this volumetric technique was also used to connect floating vinnettes in the space with the land masses on the borders of Cerebro. The teleportation effect of the character Nightcrawler is accompanied by a dynamic smokey filament effect using turbulent particle dynamics and particle rendering.