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This blog is a re-interpretation of the tessendorf.org website I had for several years. At the moment I am putting up the papers and reports page. Eventually I will put up the other pages on frumple and old Arete Image Software materials. You can also find this information at my university page

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Simulation of Interactive Surface Waves
Jerry Tessendorf
October, 2008
This is a set of notes for a very short course on water surface wave simulation via the iWave algorithm. I presented the course over two class sessions at the Clemson University, and at University of Pennsylvania. The notes are in two files: one that covers background and enough detail to execute the algorithm in code, and in the second pdf file there are technical details of the meaning of the square root of a derivative operator. Many thanks to Robert Geist, Don House, and Mike Westall for inviting me to Clemson and taking care of me while there, and to Norm Badler, Alla Safanova, Stephen Lane, and Jessica Marcus for inviting me to UPenn and taking care of me.