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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Love It When A Cloud Comes Together
Sho Hasegawa, Jason Iversen, Hideki Okano, and Jerry Tessendorf
July, 2010
Siggraph, Los Angeles
One of the action sequences in the film The A-Team takes place within a growing system of storm clouds. The story plot required the creation of a fully 3D environment of clouds covering tens of kilometers of evolving storm, modeled and simulated at high reso- lution because the camera and story elements are embedded within it. The cloud system covered approximately 20 kilometers, at a resolution as small at 0.1 meters. A variety of clouds types were modeled, corresponding to the different cloud taxonomies in differ- ent regions of a storm supercell. Individual cloud structure was controlled and directed down to arbitrarily fine spatial detail. This talk discusses the software tools developed to model, simulate, and render this complex, high resolution cloud system.